Forensic is a very complex task area. PAS Technology Deutschland GmbH can help whenever volatile organic compounds play a role.

For example detecting consumption of cannabis. The mobile ion mobility spectrometer (IMS) by PAS detects the specific molecular patterns in the breath of cannabis consumers – in mobile use, quickly and reliable.

Also most poisons and explosives or chemical agents can be detected using IMS.

The on-site sampling by means of NeedleTrap and the sampling cases, developed for this purpose, provide a reliable proof, for example for the use of combustion accelerators.

To analyze narcotics/drugs or doping substances in whole blood, plasma or urine, solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME / TFME) is a suitable method. SPME is generally usable without complex sample preparation and is sensitive and fast in combination with an LC-MS. With the fully automated robotic samplers from PAS, the workload in the laboratory is minimized.