The best associations were born in silence.
Our partnership with a common goal.


One of the best opportunities is to use quite periods to make decisions and have a look what is good for yourself and find out what prospects and risks are.

To build a good partnership with a common goal means to work with people which have nearly the same view. People with almost the same visions and equal expectations.

That’s the way our partnership with Tegent Scientific Ltd. is.
Tegent Ltd., one of the leading distributors for industry and laboratory equipment in China, is distributing our products also Vietnam and some more countries in far east.

In late 2019 our CEO Dietmar Hein travelled to China to sign the contract to cement the new formed alliance between PAS Technology and Tegent.

The first equipment was shipped to china in 2020 and first customers had the chance to convince themselves of the quality of our products.

With Tegent Scientific Ltd. we found a competent, reliable and visionary distributor and partner for the Chinese market.
We proudly present this partnership and looking forward to a future full of solutions for our customers.