Mobile field VOC analyzers, offered by PAS-Technology are the right solution for many problems. The gaseous sample is fed directly to the GC-PID, GC-IMS or IMS and analyzed.

A more or less complex sample preparation or an enrichment of target components is often necessary. In many cases our micro extraction methods solve both requirements in one working step.

Quality of VOC analysis is determined by sampling. Standardized field sampling sometimes faces many difficulties. Conditions are extreme, when samples for VOC analysis are taken in the immediate blaze, in the event of a disaster, in military operations or controlling contamination of soil or surface water.

PAS Technology sampling cases are made for these kind of situations – for field sampling and under difficult conditions.

Each PAS sampling case for VOC determination consists at least of a 24 V DC/10 Ah battery, a 100 – 230 VAC charging station, an electronical mass flow controller (MFC), vacuum pump, µ-processor controller and LCD display. It leaves many options but hardly any wishes open.

Use our powerful Needle Trap process ore conventional thermodesorber tubes. Do enrichment with or without external gas, or do you want to do Purge and Trap?

It’s your decision.