Since the beginnings of chromatography, it is desired to eliminate matrix effects and improve detection limits, use procedures that need as little maintenance as possible, have low investments and costs per sample but also reach low detection limits, higher accuracies and better reproducibilities. 

Generally our micro extraction methods offer ideal conditions to meet these requirements. For SPME and TFME matrix effects hardly play a role. Due to the appropriate selection of the used solid phases high enrichment rates can be achieved. Additionally micro extraction processes are usually relatively easy to automate.

Various sampling techniques allow field air sampling, breath gas sampling, sampling out of a process or reactor, dynamic HS sampling from vials, or rather as Purge and Trap samples. Thermal desorption takes place without any expensive hardware directly inside the GC-S/SL injector. Detection limits are usually in the ppb to sub-ppb field and the processing of the needles can be automated on any usual GC.

In future many application, nowadays done by liquid/liquid extraction, Purge & Trap or solid phase extraction (SPE), can be solved by manufacturing and coating of special SPME or TFME formats.