In recent years, PAS Technology Deutschland GmbH has developed various methods and systems that open up new possibilities for the analysis of pharmaceutical and biomedical applications, based on micro-extraction techniques.

Using the breath gas sampling case in combination with the NeedleTrap, the simple extraction and enrichment of volatile organic compounds of the alveolar portion of the exhaled breath is safely and reproducibly possible. The subsequent analysis by means of GC-MS allows detection limits down to the lower ppb range and provides a reliable method for the determination of possible disease markers. More on this ...

A different analytical approach of breath gas analysis is the determination of molecular patterns using IMS. In this method, individual compounds are not determined quantitatively, but typical molecule patterns and concentration ratios of different compounds are displayed via the software. This method is used i. e. successfully in the detection of cannabis use.

To analyze narcotics/drugs or doping substances in whole blood, plasma or urine, solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME / TFME) is a suitable method. SPME is generally usable without complex sample preparation and is sensitive and fast in combination with an LC-MS. With the fully automated robotic samplers from PAS, the workload in the laboratory is minimized.