Solid phase micro extraction (SPME) has played an important role in environmental analysis as a sampling  and enrichment process for many years, especially when it is a HS-SPME applications.

Relatively new is the active extraction of volatile organic compounds by means of NeedleTrap for the quantitative determination of pollutants in the air. The sampling case, offered by PAS Technology Deutschland GmbH is optimized for NeedleTraps, but can also be used for enrichment of VOCs on thermal desorption tubes of all current manufactures.

Just recently presented was the method of extracting organic, specifically non-volatile compounds, directly from surface waters by means of thin film microextractation and membrans (TFME). Special SPME formats, which are characterized by large surfaces with a thin coating, are extracting organic compounds using a special sampling case (SC-Stirrer).  Subsequently, the extracted components can be transferred either thermally by desorption in the GC injector or after elution in a suitable solvent by liquid injection into a GC/GC-MS or LC-MS.

PAS Technology offers complete solutions – from the appropriate field sampling equipment, if desired in combination with a portable GC-IMS, to the fully automatic autosampler, adaptable to all current GC/GC-MS systems.