The production of prototypes is time and cost intensive, especially when devices or system components from different manufacturers have to be integrated into a new system or process. Software and hardware integration of different interfaces on a common platform are difficult and can become very complex.

With the CONCEPT, PAS technology Deutschland GmbH has developed a robotic system that simplified this problem extremely.

The CONCEPT MIS provides 8 configurable digital inputs, 6 relay outputs and 6 times 24 V DC outputs, which allow simple communication of different devices via handshake signals. Thanks to the specially developed WindowsTM software, not only these handshake signals can be integrated at any point in a programmed sequence. Drivers and corresponding software tools offer the direct integration via RS 232 of up to 4 of each multi-port valves, shakers, stirrers, additional linear drives and syringe pumps. In addition, the combination and simultaneous operation of up to 4 CONCEPT MIS is possible. Thanks to the simple structure of the software, all functions of all connected systems can be programmed in any sequence to a program sequence - at reasonable costs!

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