Determination of environmental pollution and hazardous situations are of great importance in the event of a disaster.

Highest priority has saving of human life. Our mobile ion mobility spectrometer detects the specific molecular patterns of spilled or trapped humans and helps to localize them.

If it is necessary to enrich the gas sample or if direct sampling is not possible, our µ-extraction methods solid phase micro extraction (SPME) and NeedleTrap help. Whether passive sampling of free organic compounds (SPME) or active sampling where free and bound compounds can be analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively (NT) – the specific application decides.

Our sampling case for active sampling for NeedleTraps or desorption tubes is optionally available with a dynamic headspace sampling capability for the enrichment of volatile or semi volatile compounds of solids or slurries or with a Purge and Trap option for the analysis of very volatile compounds from water.

For direct extraction by means of sorbent coated blades or sorbent membranes, PAS Technology Deutschland GmbH has developed the SC-Stirrer case for mobile use.  In combination with our ion mobility spectrometer, a Bruker E2M or any other mobile mass spectrometer, organic polutions in surface waters can be extremely sensitively enriched.