To determine volatile organic compounds in drinking water, Purge and Trap was the standard method of the past 40 years.  Recently, various standard methods, based on SPME have been introduced for the determination of organic compounds. Since then, there are alternatives to the sometimes significantly more complex Purge and Trap procedure, mainly because of the simplicity of the SPME method.

Nevertheless, the Purge and Trap process is still the standard in many drinking water laboratories and the corresponding hardware is existing in the labs. But as it is generally, it is also true for Purge and Trap applications: lower detection limits are generally desirable. With its „CONCEPT PuT“, PAS Technology Deutschland GmbH offers a Purge and Trap Autosampler, which allows higher sample throughput or lower detection limits – or both – due to its flexibility.

The „Concept MIS“ also offers “SPME-users”, an autosampler adaptable to any GC-MS system, which meets the requirements of standard methods and offers a cost effective alternative to other SPME autosamplers available on the market.