The following partners have their place as supplier, service and maintenance, and in the development and production of systems.

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Tegent is a leading distributor of industrial and laboratory testing equipment and distributes our equipment and products in China and Vietnam. 

Tegent has been a leading distributor of laboratory and industrial testing instruments, equipment and accessories since 1992 with a strong distribution network of 15 branches, 1 demo lab, 220 employees and a strong network of sub-dealers.  

Tegent serves the life sciences, industrial, pharmaceutical, government, education, petrochemical, electronics, and commercial testing laboratory markets. Through a combination of strategic partnerships with globally respected manufacturers and continuous improvement in operations and services, Tegent delivers hundreds of products to thousands of customers each year.

ION-GAS is a unique company for the development of tailor made analytical devices for the customers' needs. Our primary focus is based on ion mobility spectrometry, a powerful technique for the identification and quantification of volatile compounds in any gas phase. Such instruments measure in a very rapid and selective manner, with an advantage of non-invasive sampling. Typical areas for our software and hardware development are medical diagnostics, drug monitoring, forensics, (bio-)process control and quality assurance as well as food quality and safety.

Service and maintenance of analytical systems.

STEP Sensortechnik und Elektronik Pockau GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of devices and complete solutions as well as a service provider for nuclear medicine departments, for state authorities and for industry.

The primary focus of Professor Pawliszyn's research program is the design of highly automated and integrated instrumentation for the isolation of analytes from complex matrices and the subsequent separation, identification and determination of these species.  The primary separation tools used by his group are Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography and Capillary Electrophoresis coupled to variety of detections systems, including range of mass spectrometry techniques.

Laboratory devices for automated sampling, customized development and fabrication of sample handling devices, sample digestion devices and analytical instruments for dealers and vendors of analysers and laboratory equipment for application in pharmaceutical and (petro)chemical laboratories as well as in food-, bio- and environmental analytics.

Shanghai Xintuo Analytical Instruments Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise and specialized in developing, manufacturing, selling and service-providing of instruments for sample pre-treatment and analysis.