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Breath Summit 2018

The field of breath research is rapidly growing, mainly because of improved analytical instrumentations, sensor technologies combined with sophisticated data analysis approaches, and the attractiveness of the non-invasive sampling. Altogether, in the breath community we dream big dreams and the ultimate hallucination is that of personal monitoring of health and disease.
Since breath research is transdisciplinary in nature, intense collaborations are a prerequisite to take the field to the next level. For this, trustful and enduring relations should be built between different disciplines and time and energy should be invested in understanding the problems encountered in other research areas. Therefore, the theme of this 2018 Breath Summit is Bridging Breath Research! We intend to build bridges between physicians who apply breath analysis in the clinic and physicists, biologists, chemists, engineers and computer scientists who develop new technologies, sensors and algorithms.

The ExTech symposium series is the major conference emphasizing new developments in sample preparation technologies leading to integration and miniaturization of the whole analytical process to facilitate high throughput laboratory and on-site determinations. The series, started in 1999 by Prof. Janusz Pawliszyn (Canada), has been held annually around the world. The symposium will follow the format of the successful previous symposium and will provide all participants with a comprehensive multi-disciplinary update on the field of extraction technologies.
ExTech has become a unique and vital platform for the exchange of information and ideas in the growing field of sample preparation. The Symposium is focused on the fundamental developments and new technologies of extraction and sample preparation in different areas of analytical sciences highlighting environmental issues, food quality and safety, pharmaceutical and personal care products analysis, bioanalysis and natural product chemistry.

IMSC 2018, Florence

IMSC is not new in Florence. In fact its seventh edition was hosted in this town in 1976, many years ago. During the decades mass spectrometry has developed a lot in Italy in many fields with top level scientists.

After 42 years, the city of Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is ready to host the 22nd edition of IMSC which will be the occasion to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this conference.

The IMSC2018 venue is the historic "Fortezza da Basso", a masterpiece of Renaissance military architecture, built in 1534-1537, fully restored and located downtown, a few steps away from many hotels and all the attractions (museums, theatres, monuments, etc) of the city.

As all the previous editions, IMSC 2018 will cover all aspects of mass spectrometry, from fundamentals to instrumentation and applications.

The conference is organized with short courses, tutorial lectures, oral and poster sessions, workshops, awards, commercial exhibition, social program (including a welcome mixer, the social dinner in an exclusive place, and a program for accompanying persons), and companies user meetings. All of them will be defined shortly.

We think that IMSC 2018 will be an useful occasion to enjoy science, network and meet old friends or new colleagues, to get new ideas for your job, for establishing new collaborations, starting new projects,... in the unique charm, amazing history and culture of Florence!

32nd International Symposium on Chromatography ISC 2018

The International Symposium on Chromatography (ISC) represents a traditional congress series of major European Chemical Societies. It is one of the premier meetings for discussion of all modes of chromatography and separation sciences with a broad coverage of techniques and applications.

Through a harmonious combination of oral and poster presentations, tutorials, short courses, vendor lectures and seminars, and an international exhibition on Instrumentation and Services, ISC 2018 will provide you with the advances, fundamentals, challenges, trends and applications of separation techniques, chromatography and mass spectrometry in the widest range of topics.


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