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SPME seminar 2018

Solid phase microextraction (SPME) is a simple, fast and environmentally friendly technique that allows the integration of sampling and sample preparationsteps.This two-day course, organized by the inventor of SPME Prof. Janusz Pawliszyn, covers the followingtopics:

  • Introduction to SPME
  • Theoreticalprinciplesof SPME
  • Method development
  • Calibrationin SPME
  • SPME applicationsin environmental,food and bioanalyticalchemistry
  • Futuredirections and development of new SPME devices
  • Coupling strategies of SPME to gas chromatography (GC), liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS)

Courselectures will be followedby six-hoursof hands-onexperiments divided into two sessions Tailored experiments can also be arranged for more experienced users. A complete method development strategy will be illustrated by real-lifeexamples.



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Sample Preparation Summer Course 2018

This 3-day prime theoretical/practical event is presented by top experts and covers all aspects of solid- and liquid-phase microextraction. Come along and learn why microextraction is more than just a few “simple” procedures. Understand the theoretical principles behind each technique, and learn how these principles can help you produce better results in your laboratory. All course lectures will be followed by hands-on experiments. A complete method development strategy will be illustrated by real-life examples and coupling to gas chromatography (GC) and liquid chromatography (LC) will be introduced in detail. At every stage, the sample type and characteristics will be taken into consideration next to the green and cost-related aspects of sample preparation methods. The course provides partial funding to encourage two post-graduate/PhD students, actively engaged in research, to attend the event. Advanced experiments can also be arranged for more experienced users.


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Seminare 2018

PAS Technology empfiehlt folgende Seminare.